The Art of My Story

There are many melodies;
With which will you harmonize?


I’m Headed to the Source Today

Always at the River bank.
Wishing I’d fall in; a child just jumps.
The River cleanses
and purifies your spirit.
It’s always the right temperature.

Faith knows, hope doesn’t.
I’m headed to the source today.
A fresh beginning somewhere up high,
but deeper than the narrow box
just longer than your right arm.

Everyone has traveled along the River.
Yet there is no beaten path.
The soil upon the riverside is
so rich and vital!
The reeds sprout behind your every step.
You’re the donkey!
Your baggage is the plow
you drag. Reality: the farmer, planting seeds
for you to sew and re-sew.

This is months after the Harvest.
But still, there’s work to do.
This is why you live near the River!
Spring is soon; meanwhile
the stove needs stoking.

Empty your hands
and fill your eyes, meaning:
The stone squeezing through your throat
only goes one way - just like the River.

Mike Swoop - Up Late

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